Our Beliefs

Quality relationships are the source of happy, healthy, successful lives.

The Harvard Study of Adult Development has continued since 1938 reveals an extremely clear lesson: long-term happiness comes from close relationships.1 These relationships are a better predictor of long and happy lives "than social class, IQ, or even genes." Understanding this, we wanted to create a system that anyone can use to develop closer relationships and discover the joy of connection.

Relationships are first priority.

Friendships and relationships are often, mistakenly, prioritized less than work, school, chores, and obligations. Nearly everyone will tell you that their friends and family are their top priority. However, when we get busy, friends and family are often the first to get de-prioritized. We are on a mission to flip this script. We believe that friends and family not only bring meaning and support to our everyday lives, but these connections also empower us to achieve more than we could possibly imagine on our own.

Connection takes five minutes.

We believe one of the main forms of resistance to connection is the simultaneous experience of lacking time and not knowing how long catching up might take. The reality is that connection takes five minutes of present attention.

Vulnerability builds trust, trust builds connection.

We believe that vulnerability, allowing yourself to be known, provides the foundation for trust and connection. For example, being the one to reach out can be a vulnerable experience, you can't control how someone else will respond. However, opening yourself in this way creates the opportunity for meaningful connection. Vulnerability gets vulnerability.

Simplicity is better than complexity.

We believe in simplicity. Simple habits are better than elaborate systems. Something that works is better than something that seems like it should work.

Getting started is everything.

Overcoming resistance begins by taking a simple next action. This could be sending one message, it could be making one call. Action is the antidote.

Technology can work for us.

Legacy social media has failed us in this regard. We couldn't care less how much time you spend on our website. We care deeply about how much time and attention you give to your friends and family.


We believe in conversation, please let us know if you have additional thoughts on our mission and beliefs. Let us know what you think.

  1. Mineo, Liz. “Over Nearly 80 Years, Harvard Study Has Been Showing How to Live a Healthy and Happy Life.” Harvard Gazette, Harvard Gazette, 26 Nov. 2018.