Houston, we have a problem

We're more disconnected than ever. We're trapped in a cycle of relying on platforms that present superficial content as genuine connection. And we're too busy to notice the difference.

Redefine well connected

Imagine breaking the cycle. Picture feeling connected and clear, where staying in touch feels effortless. Envision becoming the type of person who lights up all your connections.

Introducing Soonly

Soonly is a service for creating authentic connection. We've sparked 10,000+ real connections, and we're just getting started. Soonly is more than an app – it’s a social revolution.

You need a system

Soonly helps you become well connected by sparking engagements over time.


Invite your circle
Start by adding the people who light up your life – friends, family, colleagues, and mentors.


Simplify your social life
Soonly curates your connections, highlighting those on the edge of your orbit. No more spreadsheets or calendars, we take care of the logistics.


Spark real connections
Soonly sparks engagements over time. Get daily prompts for meaningful connections. No need to stress over what to say next we’ve got you covered.

Feel well connected
With over 10,000+ authentic connections, join the revolution and connect on a whole new level. Get started

Real connections, loved by real people

This clever app encourages you to get off Instagram and call your friends.

-Fast Company

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Ready for real connection?

Take that first small step towards becoming well connected.

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How will this change my life?

We believe that staying in touch might be the most important thing you do every day. We've developed a system that seamlessly fits into your daily life to keep you connected with your circle. Changed lives speak for themselves.

Why does Soonly come with a price tag?

Unlike traditional social platforms that monetize your attention, at Soonly, you pay for what you get – quality connections, top-notch support, and absolute privacy. We offer a free 30-day trial with no credit cards required. Not satisfied? There's nothing to cancel, just let your trial expire. Because at the end of the day, we want to make sure you're as thrilled with Soonly as we are.

What if I'm too busy?

No time to connect today? No worries! Soonly's adjusts to your real life, distractions included. Remember, it's about staying connected, not perfection. Just keep going and we've got your back!

What about how to remember birthdays?

We'll also send you messages on your friends' birthdays so you'll never forget again. If you can’t remember them in the first place, we'll give you some hints about how to find out your friends' birthdays.